Patient Information on XOPENEX (levalbuterol tartrate)

Manufacturing company:  Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.

 Employments of this medication:

 It is made for the treatment in adults (both men and women) and children of more than 4 years for   bronchospasm i.e. constricted airways and for the prevention of asthmatic attacks. The bronco spastic conditions can take place due to multiple reasons, and every patient presents with his/her own clinical reasons for it.

Correct usage of the medicine: When using the product for the first time, or if using after 3-5 days, shake the container and prime it by discharging some mist into the air. After the first inhalation wait for some seconds and then inhale the second one. You should always keep the container clean and free from any kind of uncleanness. Always after one week wash the actuator with boiled water and then let it dry in the air. Keep the container away from heat and flame as it is inflammable and could otherwise burst. Store the vessel at 680-770 F.

Important information related to the drug:

  • If ever on using Xopenex HFA you develop skin reactions such as rash, swollen nasal, and oral cavities, or experience difficulty in breathing and severe tightening of your airways, immediately contact 911 and seek emergency medical help.
  • You will not only be put on Xopenex HFA but you will also need to take some other medicines (inhalational corticosteroids) for a full treatment of asthma.
  • This drug can cause variations in your cardiac (heart) functioning, therefore it is important you undergo ECG testing.
  • You should never exceed the dosage of Xopenex HFA than recommended as it could prove life-threatening and can lead to the stoppage of the heart.
  • You will be asked to have your electrolytes tested as this drug can cause a deficiency of potassium in the body and for this very reason never take Xopenex HFA with blood pressure lowering drugs which also potentiate potassium removal from the body e.g. thiazide diuretics.
  • If your asthma is exacerbating and you are not getting any favorable position from this drug, immediately inform your doctor as you may require modifications in your treatment.
  • If you attain respiratory infection consult a health professional and do not try to treat it with levalbuterol as it is has no anti-biotic properties.
  • Do not use Xopenex HFA if you have a deteriorating kidney status.

Drug interactions of Xopenex HFA:

It has following clinically significant drug interactions;

  • With digoxin: levalbuterol can increase the levels of digoxin in the plasma.
  • With epinephrine: can yield adversarial cardiovascular effects.
  • With MAO (mono-amine oxidase) inhibitors: e.g. This very combination can lead to a hypertensive crisis (blood pressure 180/120 or above) which is lethal.
  • With diuretics: Xopenex HFA when given with diuretics that likewise diminishes the levels of potassium can bring about serious potassium lack in the body.

Adverse effects: are produced on various systems;

  • Neurological: headache, anxiety, tremor.
  • Infections:
  • Respiratory: inflammation of sinuses, throat infections, difficulty in breathing, cold, asthma, flu.
  • Gastric: nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, unsettled stomach.
  • Muscles: difficulty in speaking, twinges, pain.
  • Heart: chest pain, irregular beats, rapid beats.
  • Skin: rash, itching, swelling.


It is highly restricted if you had experienced an immune reaction to the albuterol in the form of any other preparation.

Precautions: you need to be cautious in the following;

  • Low potassium levels
  • If asthmatic conditions not improving
  • any heart and ECG-related problems
  • Elevated blood pressures
  • Sudden onset or tightening of air passages on the introduction of the drug.

Mode of activity: it is a beta 2 receptor agonist. These receptors are present in the lungs, and when acted upon and activated by levalbuterol causes the smooth muscles of the lungs to relax and dilate thus allowing easy passage of the air through the lungs.

Absorption and elimination: it takes 5-10 minutes to demonstrate its impacts and continues laboring for 3-4 hours and has a half-life of 3.4 hours after which its concentration gets reduced to is mostly excreted from the urine.

Activity in specific populations:

  • In renal failure: it is removed through the kidneys. If the kidney is not functioning properly it could lead to the lesser clearance and more plasma grouping of the drug.
  • In liver impairment: it is not knowledgeable whether liver problems have an impact on this drug. Still, it is sensible to not use Xopenex HFA in severe liver failure.
  • In pregnancy: it is a category C drug and also, has turned out to be hurtful to the baby in mice and rats. It is only used in humans when the benefits are in more ratio than the risks.
  • While breast-feeding: nursing mothers should not use levalbuterol.
  • In older people: start taking the medicine from lower doses e.g. one puff or inhalation and then increase the dosage as required.
  • In children: it can only be used if the child has passed his/her 4th

Toxic profile:

Studies conducted on racemic albuterol are considered for levalbuterol as well. Albuterol formed benign tumors in heart and uterus of the mice and rats but did not cause any mutations in the genetic makeup of the animals and also did not make the animals sterile.

Inform your doctor about;

  • Your kidney and liver conditions if any
  • If you are a heart patient
  • Are you taking any other medications for your asthma
  • If pregnant
  • If breast-feeding
  • If smokes
  • Your BMI (body mass index) if obese.




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