Patient Information on Zostavax

Manufactured by: Merck & Co., Inc.

Zostavax use:

You need this vaccine for the anticipation or prophylaxis against shingles which is medicinally portrayed by the patient framing a difficult rash on the skin in view of the disease of the nerve supplying that range. Shingles occur specifically in adult patients of 50 years and above who get infected by the varicella-zoster virus, pathogenic agent of this disease. This is the same virus that is responsible for engendering chickenpox in children. You can still develop shingles if you had chicken pox in the childhood; conditions like progressing age, tumors, cancer therapies, trauma, stress, reduced immune system, immune suppressing medications could play a role in enabling the dormant virus that has not been eliminated the first time to start multiplying again.

Dosage form: It constitutes of 0.65mL of Zoster immunization live and is utilized as an infusion under the skin.

General information about Zostavax:

  • Completely read the drug guide before regulating any medication.
  • Patients who had encountered an unfavorably susceptible response to gelatin or neomycin in the past are not intended to utilize this antibody keeping in mind the end goal to anticipate increased excessive touchiness responses.
  • You should not administer Zostavax while suffering from cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS.
  • Zostavax should not be administered in people using medicines that impair the functioning of their immune system.
  • Some patients can still develop shingles after being vaccinated for it by Zostavax.
  • Zostavax should be injected exclusively through the sub-cutaneous route.
  • Consult your doctor and do not use this vaccine if you after recovering from shingles you experience pain in the affected areas.
  • Prevent close contact with your care givers or family members in order to prevent spreading vaccine virus to others.
  • Injecting pneumococcal vaccine and Zosatvax in the same course will decrease the immunogenic effects of Zoster vaccine.
  • Its utilization is denied in pregnant ladies and youngsters.

 Dosing of the vaccine: as prescribed by your doctor because it is a prescription drug.

Contra-indications and precautions:

  • You ought not to take the antibody if you are oversensitive to gelatin, an anti-microbial neomycin or to some other fixing present in the immunization.
  • You may not completely profit by Zostavax on the off chance that you are taking immunosuppressant (diminishes the immunity in your body to bring down transplanted organ rejection).
  • Do not use Zostavax if diagnosed with tuberculosis.
  • Avoid direct contact with other ill people to prevent the spread of the vaccine virus.
  • Avoid Zostavax in pregnant ladies and kids because of the tried confirmation of damage to the baby and newborn children.
  • You can at present acquire the ailment even subsequent to being inoculated.

Adverse effects:

The commonly seen side effects include;

hypersensitivity reaction, chickenpox, fever, pain in the joints and muscle,  nausea and vomiting,  flu, general weakness, watery stools, infection in sinuses and throat, injection site reactions.

Interactions with the other drugs:

  • With other vaccines: Concomitant use of the 23-valent pneumococcal vaccine with Zostavax reduces immunogenicity of varicella-zoster virus (VZV) vaccine.
  • With other antiviral medications: you should not use Zostavax with viricidal agents. Consult your pharmacist to know which medicines are anti-viral.

Different populations:

  • Pregnant women: Zoster vaccine live if given in pregnancy can lead to congenital varicella infection in the unborn.
  • Lactation periods: do not subject to this vaccine if you are breast-feeding a child as viruses carry an ability to be transmitted to the child through milk.
  • In geriatrics: Zoster is for the use by elderly patients only, who are above 50 years of age.
  • In children: this vaccine is dangerous for youngsters and youths.

Mechanism of action:

This vaccine protects you from the harsh virus by building up your immunity and reinforces your immune system against varicella-zoster infection by creating operators known as antibodies against this infection, so that next time when you are presented to this infection the pre-created antibodies delivered can pulverize the viral particles and keep you from building up the ailment.

Toxicology of Zostavax: No tests have been directed on Zostavax for its cancerous or mutation producing abilities.

Tell your doctor before using Zostavax about;

  • Having any other medical conditions.
  • If taking other over the counter or prescription medicines.
  • About past allergies.
  • If pregnant or breast-feeding.

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