Patient information on Durezol (difluprednate)

Manufacturing company: Alcon

What is the use of Durezol?

Durezol contains difluprednate which is a synthetically produced corticosteroid. Corticosteroids are a gathering of steroid hormones delivered in the adrenal cortex or made artificially and they act as excellent anti-inflammatory agents. Durezol is used for two purposes;

  1. Surgery of the eyes: in the event that you experience a visual surgery you will be given Durezol post-operatively.
  2. Anterior uveitis: firstly you should know what uvea is. It is that portion of the eye which is present underneath the cornea and sclera and constitutes the iris and the ciliary body. It is a pigmented layer. When uvea gets inflamed (either by pathogens or inflammation associated diseases like arthritis) it leads to a situation called uveitis, which causes pain in the eyes, makes the eyes sensitive to the light, shrinks the pupil, makes the vision dim and shadowy, and if not treated on time can lead to the vision loss.

How is Durezol supplied?

You will find Durezol (0.05% difluprednate) in the form of an emulsion (with medication dispersed in the vehicle) which is to be administered topically into the eyes.

How many times Durezol is to be taken? as prescribed by your doctor.

What are the contra-signs of Durezol?

This drug is never given to a person;

  • who has active chicken pox infection
  • Who is going through a dynamic infection caused by bacteria, fungus, or virus.
  • Who has developed an eye infection which specifically affects the cornea.
  • With other such related medications that contain steroids for preventing the additive effects.

What types of precautions need to be taken while using Durezol?

  • Make sure you do not use Durezol for more than the time prescribed by your doctor, owing to the fact that when corticosteroids are subjected to a longer period of use they form various eye disorders ranging from glaucoma to cataracts and eye damage.
  • If you need to use the product for more than 10 days, visit your ophthalmologist to get your eyes tested to make sure the drug is not adversely affecting your eyes.
  • You need to readily contact your doctor if you acquire any infection irrespective of its source of pathogen viral, fungal, and bacterial).
  • You should never use this drug in an injection form.
  • Always be certain that you have removed your contact lenses before you instill the drops as the contacts could get damaged.

What kind of adverse effects Durezol produces?

As it is an ocular preparation, the side effects will mostly be associated with the eyes. They include;

Pigment deposition, increased tear formation, inflammation of the iris, pain, heightened light sensitivity, infections in the eye, feeling of discomfort at the time of administering the medicine, risk for development of cataracts, blindness, vision problems, increased eye pressure, swollen eyelids, and headache.

Could Durezol be utilized as a part of different populaces?

  • In pregnant women: it comes under C category of drugs that can or cannot be used during gestation. Animal studies very well exposed the embryotoxic (harmful to the embryo) and teratotoxic (injurious to the fetus) effects of this drug. It in rabbits decreased the litter number and the babies born to the mothers injected with this drug had lower birth weight and various skeletal and structural oddities. That’s why if a pregnant mother is prescribed Durezol it is only done in extreme situations where no other option is left and is necessary for the patient.
  • During lactation period: it is known with the systemic absorption of the corticosteroids that they get secreted into the human milk and can stunt or depress the growth of a child but the same is not known with the topical use of the drug. Thus, it is encouraged to practice alert in such matters.
  • In children: it is not for the use in younger kids.
  • In elderly: its use is safe in more established individuals.

What is the pharmacology of Durezol?

Here, we will discuss how the drug performs its actions in the body.

It is a pro-drug meaning firstly it needs to be converted into a form which would be active and would be able to react and show its effects in the body. Such a conversion takes place in vivo. It shows its action by impeding the formation and release of the compounds that cause severe inflammation i.e. prostaglandins and leukotriene which in return stabilizes the capillary membrane, prevents the formation of the scar, stops the white blood cells from reaching the site, inhibits swelling and accumulation of the fluid and helps in bringing down the swelling.

Is this drug toxic?

Durezol during initial testing did not give rise to tumors, cancerous cells, fertility impairments.

What should you inform your doctor about yourself? Tell the doctor if you have;

  • Eye diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Pregnant
  • Breast-feeding
  • Viral disease
  • Consumption
  • Fungal infections
  • Blood disorders

What are the elements used in Durezol?

It contains difluprednate, sodium acetate, sodium EDTA, boric acid, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, polysorbate 80, and water for injection.


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