Eczema patients are facing an increased risk of accidental injuries and bone injuries

Eczema: is an inflammatory condition of the skin which is characterized by redness, itching, oozing vesicular lesions which may become crusted.

According to a new study from North western Medicine in Chicago, it has been seen that side effects of steroids & sedating anti histamines which are commonly prescribed to treat atopic dermatitis, may now include Increased risk of accidental injury in such patients.

Study: a study was done whose objective was to find out if adult eczema is associated with an increased risk of injury and the results of this study suggested that eczema in adulthood is a previously unrecognized risk factor for fracture and other injuries.

Medications: many  patients with eczema are treated with sedating anti histamines and steroids, but these medicines are not all gold. Sedatives cause fatigue and steroids lead to osteoporosis and bone density problems.

The use of sleeping aids for overcoming the disturbance and sleep deprivations and the use of steroids as well may lower the bone strength, which may lead to an increase in the risk of bone injuries. It may also prove to be more detrimental in patients who are already suffering from osteoporosis or bone problems, especially older women. 

Many participants with eczema in another study reported fatigue, sleeplessness, or insomnia. The sleep symptoms were found to add to an increase in the risk of accidental injury, compared to those with sleep symptoms and no eczema. 

The reason of no sleep or sleeplessness could be the under treatment in such patients due to which they are are not getting full relief and can’t sleep properly. And studies have shown that injury rates are more high in eczema patients who suffer from fatigue, daytime sleepiness or insomnia.

Psychiatric and behavioral disorders: another factor contributing to fractures and joint injuries was concurrent eczema and psychiatric & behavioral disorders.

Study: a study of 34,500 adults showed that among 7% of people suffering from eczema, 1.5% had a joint/bone injury and 0.6% had an injury that resulted in the limitation of function.

It was seen that risk of injuries increased with age and was maximum at 50-69 years of age.

Adults with eczema will benefit more from improved control of their skin disease and by minimal use of medicines which may be linked to an increase in the risk of injuries.

Pharmacist needs to counsel the patients on how to reduce the accidental injuries and traumatic injuries at home/work. Elderly people should be advised on how to minimize falls as these patients are at more risk of bone injuries.

Further studies are required to confirm these associations.

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